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Eight Reasons Why You Should Use Digital Glass in Your Next Project

Glass Walls – Digitally Printed Glass

There are so many reasons to incorporate digitally printed glass into your projects from Sustainable Architecture and going green to the ease of keeping the glass sanitary for installations in hospitals and kitchens. The glass is intensely hygienic, functional and extremely durable and it just looks really cool and makes a statement. Below are Eight Reasons as to why you should use Digital Glass in your next project.

Extremely Durable

Tempered glass is known for its durability. It is quite strong and scratch resistant as well as impact resistant. If you’re looking for a heavy duty kitchen backsplash that will last for ages – solid tempered glass backsplash will be your perfect choice.

Easy to Clean

Since the solid glass backsplashes are almost seamless, this makes them very low maintenance. Sleek and flat glass surface makes it very easy to clean any stain or spill by just wiping it with any cleaning product of your choice. No more expensive cleaning substances are needed, you save you money and tons of time that you can spend more enjoyably with your family.

Intensely Hygienic

Glass is a healthy and extremely sanitary choice for your kitchen since it’s not hospitable to mold, bacteria and viruses so maintaining a hygienic backsplash requires little effort.

Heat Resistant

Digital Glass 16 1

If you love cooking and concerned about the backsplash being exposed to a very high temperature for hours, you don’t have to worry about it with a tempered glass surface since it can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470° Fahrenheit.

The Versatility

Glass backsplash is one of the most versatile products on the market for your kitchen. Since there are many benefits contributing to its value. From any color of your choice to unique custom design where you can make sure that it completely matches your kitchen design, theme and style. Plus you can make it just as you want it even to be installed on most challenging corners.

Luxurious Look

Seamless and elegant, bright and clear appearance will bring luxurious touch to your kitchen. Up-to-Date Look is guaranteed since nowadays glass backsplashes are found in many high-end kitchens. Meanwhile it also expresses your personality that will leave no one indifferent to the style of your entire home.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s Green! Glass is 100 percent a natural product! Plus if you care about the future of our planet, glass does not contain any harmful materials that can destroy the Earth even more, using this technology can assist with LEED and other environmental certifications. The digitally printed glass contains no toxic heavy metals.

Our digitally printed glass meets environmentally responsible architecture goals. Digital Ceramic Printing is recommended for architects and designers working on LEED certified projects. It is an environmentally conscious material and may be recycled at the end of its useful life. Over time, if elements need to be replaced or added, individual glass panels can be printed and perfectly matched to the existing panels, eliminating the cost and waste of more extensive refurbishment.

Light Reflection

Digital Glass Backsplash

Glass backsplashes are really good at reflecting your kitchen light. There will be no more gloomy days at your kitchen since you’ll have less shadow and get much brighter kitchen without adding anymore lighting system. It will be much more pleasant cooking experience even if you do it in the middle of the night

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