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Do You Need an Architectural Photographer or a Real Estate Photographer in Austin Texas?

Often times people don’t know that there is a difference between an architectural photographer and a real estate photographer. They both take take professional photos for commercial & residential properties but what is the difference?

Are you are an agent using the photos to market your listing on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Or are you using a listing service such as the MLS for residential or CoStar for commercial? If yes, how do you know who to hire? Do you hire a real estate photographer or an architectural photographer?

A Real estate photographer typically charges less than an architectural photographer. The time it takes them onsite for the shoot is also much shorter. The final product is a quality image that showcases the property in the best light. A good real estate photographer can fit this need. Architectural photographers will take much more time to set up each shot. They typically bring in a variety of light sources. They want to make sure that there are no shadows and that the color is consistent throughout the image and is true to space being photographed.

In many cases all you need is a real estate photographer. They can do a fantastic job with the shoot and provide images that will be very impressive. These images will be ready to be published in a magazine.


Real Estate Photographer - Kitchen Photo

Who Uses Real Estate Photographers?

In addition to commercial and residential agents using real estate photographers you often find that there is a need for contractors to show before and after pictures of a project they were working on or you might have a home stager or interior designer that is looking to use photos for marketing material. A good real estate photographer knows the difference between a real estate shoot and a shoot for an interior designer, stager or contractor. These type of photo shoots typically require vignettes and highlights of specific areas or features of a room or space. MLS or Listing photos typically show how the rooms in a home or office building flow. The photos for the contractor, stager and interior designer are often used in marketing material, whether it is for an AD in a magazine or used in a website or in social media. Real estate photographers are a great resource for these types of shoots.

Services a Real Estate Photographer Provides

Real estate photographers not only provide excellent interior and exterior photos of residential and commercial properties they can also provide additional value added services. Such services might include 2D Tours and 3D Matterport walk through tours, drone and twilight photography.

Drone / Aerial Photography

Drone shoots have become popular, depending on the property. Often times drone stills are all that is needed. However at times you might want to have a drone video shot and combine this with either still photography or walk-through videos.


Yes, videos are becoming more and more popular on social media sites and therefor are being requested more frequently. Videos can be generated that showcase just the property. Often agents want to create a branding video which can use for more than just the listing of the property. They can be used in their social media and marketing materials.


Real Estate Photography

Twilight shoots are shot right after dusk or just before dawn and looking into the building or home you can see the lights typically with a yellow glow and the sky is a dark blue with just a hint of color. The twilight shots really make the property stand out and are much more impressive than a daylight shot. The real estate photographer will typically charge more for these types of shots.

Real Estate Tours

There are two types of real estate tours, 2D and 3D. You have 2D tours which is a slide show of the photos put to music. This sounds basic however there is much more when you order a 2D tour. The tours can be branded or non-branded. You can have links created to promote the tour on social media platforms. Also a traffic report can be sent out on a weekly basis. This report will show how many times the tour has been seen and which images the viewer clicked.

The 3D tours / MatterPort tours provide the opportunity to “walk through” the property as if you were there. The photographer uses a special camera to create a 3D effect. You can use 3D googles to make it look like you are actually there walking through the property.

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