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Real Estate Photography – Professional Exterior

Are you are an agent who typically goes above and beyond to help your clients? Most agents will answer yes to that question. Let me ask the question a little differently. Are you an agent that knows when to walk away? Or are you an agent that will take a little less commission to beat out the competition? Why not, you know that you can make it up on the back end by saving money here and there. I am talking about the agents that that do something like this. “Yes Mrs. Smith, we’ll just take a few pictures (with my phone), and we’ll put your home on the market next Thursday.” We know that there are agents out there because you see the poor quality of pictures in the MLS.

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Real Estate Photography – Phone Picture

If you are not the agent described above and you hire professionals to help you with your marketing, you are on the right track. You know that hiring a website developer, graphic artist or professional photographer to help you with your branding and marketing of yourself or your home is worth every penny.

Do You Know When to Walk Away?

Real estate agents who knows the value in working with others who are professionals at what they do are the ones that truly earn their commission. They are the ones that know when to walk away versus lowering their commission fee. On the flip side, there are agents that the seller selects based on a lower commission fee?  They may not be as willing to go above and beyond and hire professionals to help them with the sale of their listing.

If a seller’s focus is purely how cheap they can get their agent, and you are an agent who prides themselves on going above and beyond, and giving 200 percent or more, maybe you should walk away from that listing. When I was a real estate agent I walked away from listings where the sellers were trying to beat me up over the commission, it was just not worth it. I think that’s a brave but necessary thing to do.

I know within my photography business that not every potential client is ideal for me and what I do, and that’s because some of them want a low-cost service rather than a high-value service. And that’s okay because everyone is different, but it helps to recognize that this is possible in a world with people who appreciate different things, and that some people understand the value of a wise investment in different ways. What I find interesting is that I have lost opportunities where I was only a few dollars more than the photographer that was selected, yet my offering had so much more value in quality, at least from what I could tell.

How Do you Use Exceptional Photography to Pick Up More Listings?

So how can an agent who is providing exceptional photography and amazing marketing use that to pick up more listings? Those agents who really go above and beyond when you’re sitting with your sellers or trying to get that listing appointment, show them the photos, the virtual tours, show them anything and everything. And above all else, show them evidence of houses you’ve sold.

This is very clever, because what this does is it elicits an emotional response from the quality photography and videos, and it brings on a numbers response based on the properties that have been sold, especially if any of those listings were sold after being previously listed with another agent that used low-quality real estate photography.

So those real estate agents who know that investing in quality photography works for them, then their focus needs to be on showing that point of difference to their potential sellers.

Are you the type of real estate agent that does hire professional photographers, videographers and others to create your marketing campaigns and know when to walk away?

Or are you more likely to do that yourself in order to save a few dollars?

And if that’s the case, are you prepared to say to a potential seller that the reason why you don’t hire a professional real estate photographer or videographer is because you would rather keep a few extra dollars in your pocket?

That would be rather awkward, wouldn’t it?

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