You would think that telling your own story would be easy and it typically is when talking to family and friends. I did not realize how difficult it is to write down on paper and I guess that is why I never pursued a writing career.

At the age of 7 or maybe 8, one of my Christmas presents from my parents was a camera. I don’t remember asking them for one or why they thought it would be a great gift. Little did I know how much impact that camera would on my life and others around me. It was not a high end or expensive camera, in fact it was actually very basic. 

Now over 40 years later, my passion became my profession.  Friends told me to follow my passion since my photography was awesome and I could make tons of money. Finally I listened. Guess I should have asked, what they meant by tons of money.  

I moved to Austin in 1980 and after graduating high went to Texas A&M, received two degrees, one in Marketing and one in Finance. After graduating college I moved back to Austin. In 1988 my career to me to Northern Virginia with a promotion to outside sales with Dell. Told my parents that I would be in VA for 3 years, I was really thinking 5. After 17 years, I finally made it back home. When it came time to look for a job in Austin, I had a hard time finding a one. My skill set was not what the Austin market was looking for.  After months of looking with no success, I finally decided to pursue my passion. I  decided to become a full time photographer. It has been tough and although I am not making it rich yet, each year is better than the last.

Most of my photography business has been from shooting houses for real estate agents, taking lifestyle and branding photos for clients to use in their marketing and social media campaigns, taking photos of products and putting my fine art pieces in lobbies and conference rooms and as statement pieces in homes. My photography skills and interest is always evolving. My true passion is helping others make a statement through my photography.

About a year ago, in addition to my other photography services, I decided to integrate my fine art photography into architecture design. I am now printing on glass, and the glass prints can be up to 12 feet long and 7 feet wide. Often they are installed as a backsplash in kitchens or breakrooms in office buildings and are backlit. The technology is truly amazing and the end result defiantly makes a statement. I believe I am the only one in Austin providing this service so if you know of anyone that is remodeling a home or commercial property or building something new, please share this article with them. Wherever you see glass, you might be able to have it back printed and backlit. Think of elevator panels, room / office dividers, shower doors and backsplashes in bars, baths and kitchens, the possibilities are endless.

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