Aerial / Drone Photography

In today’s world, Aerial / Drone Photography is becoming more and more popular and an entire industry has been born with this new technology. Drones have become part of our everyday lives. Drones are not only used by hobbyist these days. There are plenty of businesses that are using drones for a variety of reasons, often times it is to impress their clients, especially in the real estate world. Sometimes when you get just a few feet higher, the perspective changes and it makes all the difference.

Real estate is one of those industries that has taken advantage of drones in a major way. They initially were used in the higher-end luxury market and for acreage. Now with the cost coming down and the technology advancements, drones have become popular and are used in branding videos for agents and their listings. They are not just used for high-end luxury homes anymore.

We offer drone photography and video for all of your real estate needs. Let us know if you want to showcase your new listing from an elevated perspective.

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