Glass Backsplashes for Commercial Applications

Designing or remodeling a breakroom or conference room? Elevate your design with the addition of a glass backsplash imprinted with original artwork or photography.

Our wide-ranging collection of images, with selections from abstracts to cityscapes and beyond, affords our customers a unique design opportunity as well as an unparalleled level of design flexibility.

Backsplashes can be created in ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, and ¾” glass with sizes varying depending on thickness. With our ability to print glass panels up to 84” tall and 144” wide, we can create a backsplash that is practically seamless.

We know that every office, retail location, hotel and healthcare facility has unique needs in terms of architecture and interior design. So, we pay attention to your details. We cut your glass to your specifications, making sure that required cutouts for electrical outlets and unique architectural elements are accurate before your glass is printed, tempered and shipped to your location.

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