Glass Walls & Panels

Envisioning a bold focal point for your next project? Decorative glass panels and walls may be just what you are looking for. Commonly installed in offices, elevator lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, stairwells, and bathrooms, adding design-glass elements to make any interior space stand out and look unique. The applications are nearly limitless.

Glass Panels

Glass panels are particularly well-suited for constructing walls and barriers in both commercial and residential settings. For instance, when used in an elevator interior, they are a striking decorative element. Because of their versatility, glass walls and panels have become a designer favorite.

Glass Walls

In a large space, glass walls and panels can be used to effectively separate a large area into different sections while simultaneously maintaining a sense of openness and space. When used in conference rooms and waiting rooms, they allow designers to create both implied work spaces as well as a sense of visual connection. Glass walls can be used to create decorative focal points and anchor walls. 

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