Commercial Applications - Digitally Printed Glass

You can now digitally print on glass for commercial applications which helps to create, beautiful and environmental friendly projects. This technology blends digital imagery and architecture design and takes the ordinary to the extraordinary. You will add differentiation and value when you incorporate this new technology into your projects. The functionality and uses are limitless for commercial projects. For interior applications you can print on glass and incorporate it into wall dividers, signage, product displays, break room backsplashes, elevator panels and much more. Use your creativity to select an image, pattern and or text to integrate functionality into your spaces while adding atheistically pleasing art to your surroundings.  Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, hospital, corporate office building we have you covered. We will help you design the functional with the artistic with digitally printed glass.

Outstanding Functional Performance

Digitally printed glass meets functional performance requirements and enables control of all special elements typically required of architectural glass in commercial applications:

  • Translucency/opacity
  • Light diffusion and transmission
  • Energy efficiency
  • Privacy levels
  • Slip resistance

Sustainable Architecture

Our printed glass meets environmentally responsible architecture goals:

  • The glass is recyclable and offers eco-friendly functionality.
  • Using this technology can assist with LEED and other environmental certifications.
  • The printed glass contains no toxic heavy metals.
  • If your glass needs to be replaced or added, individual glass panels can be printed and matched to the existing panels, eliminating the cost and waste of more extensive refurbishment.

Backsplashes in Breakrooms

Don’t forget about your breakroom. Breakrooms should be the place where employees can visit, grab a bite to eat and reenergize. Why not take your breakroom to the next level and make a statement. It is often a place that could use a little more creativity. There are now more options than ever for designing a welcoming space for your employees.

The breakroom is a great place to back light the digital glass. If you backlight your backsplash and you are into smart technology you can control the backlights and dim them manually or put them on a schedule to dim and brighten them throughout the day. It is amazing how dimming / brightening the light can change the mood of the entire room for this type of commercial application of digital glass.

Digital Glass Wall with an abstract image

Corporate Signage & Wayfinder Signage

Do you have a corporate theme or a theme for the building you reside in? Just about every office has a design theme or it did when it was originally built and or designed. Often time the tenants are allowed to “make the space their own” If you are looking to design or redesign a space you will most likely be looking for corporate signage and wayfinder signs. Maybe you need your corporate logo placed prominently in the lobby or above the reception desk. Have you thought about printing the sign on glass and backlighting it? These commercial applications of digital glass for signage will truly make a statement as your employees and patrons walk by.

Once inside the building you will most likely will need directional signage and why not print digitally on glass to match your design space. You can add art and functionality and make a statement. In addition to the text, you can add your logo, picture of a product or service you offer or any other branding element.

We are often asked if this glass can be installed outside. The answer is yes as it is tempered and UV rated to withstand the elements such as the sun, wind and rain. So you can design and have installed digitally printed glass for your outdoor signage.

Stair Railings

Glass railings don’t have to be boring, you can add a design aspect to create a unique custom aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. Digitally printed glass is great for healthcare facilities, hotels, bars and restaurants and any other corporate building where you desire to make a statement.

If you are looking to implement your logo or other visual design features, we offer, a product that outputs full color, high gloss images on glass surfaces using ceramic inks. High-resolution images of up to 720 dpi are possible.

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Elevator Cabs

Can you imagine standing in an elevator that looks like marble or wood, but isn’t made of either of those materials? Commercial applications of digitally printed glass allows for the imagination to run wild. You can print any image or pattern you like. So if you want the riders to think they are riding up and down in an elevator made of wood you can do that. The key advantage is that the glass is scratch and damage resistant, easy-to-clean, and require minimal maintenance. The glass is also extremely lightweight, which is a huge benefit in the elevator market.

Elevators are likely the smallest room in a building. But, for a few minutes, it holds a captive audience. Architects, designers, and building managers understand that these small spaces are big opportunities to create a lasting impression.

Commercial Applications of Digitally Printed Glass of an Elevator Cab with a large tree

Glass Tabletops

We have the ability to digitally print on glass that is ¼ up ¾ inch think and in any shape. Glass is an ideal product to be used as tabletops. Do you need something unique for your waiting room or lobby? How about your conference room? Your options are limitless in your commercial applications for designing your tabletop from the image to the shape. Also you can chose from clear, tinted or frosted effects.

Natural light will make your digitally printed glass table top shine and as the day turns to night, your tabletop will continue to make a statement by reflecting the rooms lighting.

Room Dividers and Wall Partitions

Walls are typically dressed up with paint, wall hangings, 3D dimensional art or left alone with nothing added.  Why not make a statement and add art and design by printing digitally on glass? Add a new element to your interior space by using glass as a room divider or interior room partition such as in a conference room.

Do you feel like your space is smaller than you would like, yet you don’t have any options to rearrange the space or move to a larger location? Why not replace your interior walls with printed glass. This will not only bring in more light, it will make the space feel larger and at the same time you can add a design element with printed glass. You can even replace interior dividing walls with a printed glass wall divider, maintaining a spacious feel within the individual areas, while opening up the room to extra light.

With this newer glass printing technology, you can print any image, pattern or design you want on any room divider, partition wall or anywhere else glass is used. Have you thought about combining a pattern with an image? Maybe the bottom half is an image and the top half is a pattern. Open the possibilities and dream big as the sky is the limit with the design options for commercial spaces.

Commercial Application of Digitally printed glass - AGNORA Kansas University Basketball Mural Jerry Townsend Photographer

Wall Coverings

Every building has walls so why not incorporate functionality with art? Printing on glass lets you create spectacular printed glass wall coverings that are going to wow those that pass by or work in that space.

With the custom digital glass printing technology that is available today for commercial applications, you now have the ability to design your own interiors and make any wall into a statement piece.

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