Do You Need an Architecture Photographer or a Commercial Real Estate Photographer – Is There a Difference?

Austin Commercial Real Estate Photographer 

Do you need an Austin Commercial Real Estate Photographer to market your  properties in Central Texas? First impressions are key and a good photograph can help you market your property, whether it is with social media, brochures, email blast or listing services. Oh and by the way, the pricing might not be as expensive as you might think. Pricing Page

First Impressions are Key

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. In today’s Internet world, photography plays a key role as images help make the first impression and you want to make sure that your first impression is a great one. Most prospective buyers and tenants before they schedule an in person tour will look online at your listings. To do this they filter on specific criteria such as price, square footage and location. Once they narrow down their options, they will look at the photos. You want to make sure that they have a quality experience viewing your listings and professional photography is a great start. Click here for portfolio

You need to hire a professional photographer to photograph your commercial property and as you start to do research to find a photographer you run across the terms “Real Estate Photographer” and “Architecture Photographer” At first glance you might think they are the same. Well you could be right. An architecture photographer could also be a real estate photographer.  However the types of shoots are different as well as the prices.

Commercial Real Estate Photographer

Generally speaking most real estate photographers deal more in volume than architectural photographers typically do. They can create some amazing photos that can be magazine quality if you find the right photographer. Their price points are typically a lot less than an architectural photographer and they don’t spend as much time on each photo as an architectural photographers typically do.

Architectural Photographer

The architectural photographer is going to take their time on each shoot. In fact they might spend a half day to an entire day working on the shoot. They are going to make sure that the shot is flawless and then in post processing they might spend hours on each image to create the perfect end product.

If you have an unlimited or large budget and lots of time and you need the perfect photograph you need to hire an architectural photographer. However if money and time are a concern if you find the right commercial real estate photographer you will be more than happy with the end result for your project.

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License Fees and Photo Copyrights for a Commercial Real Estate Photographer

When you hire a commercial real estate photographer you are hiring a professional to shoot your property and a common misconception is that you can do whatever you want to with the images they took. In fact you more than likely will be licensing the images for a specific use. Photography is a creative business and photographers are paid based on their skills to create eye catching images. This means that photography commissions are intellectual property of the photographer, not the client hiring them to take the pictures.

The images from a commercial real estate photographer most of the time is used to market the property on listing and property websites and to create collateral materials and to promote the property via social media.

If the building is shot for architects or designers, the usage is most likely for their portfolio or for competition.  Any use outside of the scope outlined in the license agreement requires additional licensing.

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