Printing on glass has evolved over the years and now we have Digital Glass where you can print any image digitally on glass. You can print any photograph, design or pattern and incorporate it into your architectural design.

Designing ideal glass structures for a particular setting can be a challenge. Every office, retail businesses, hotel, healthcare facility and home has unique needs in terms of architecture and interior design. From the initial concept to final installation, we make sure every piece of digital architectural glass is perfectly selected, sized, and styled to your precise specifications. Our goal is to help you create an aesthetically pleasing space that matches your unique needs and requirements.

Digital Glass Backsplash
Digital Glass Wall

Why Digital Glass?

There are so many reasons to incorporate digital glass into your projects. The glass is intensely hygienic, functional and extremely durable, therefore it just looks really cool and makes a statement. Click here to find out why you should use digital glass in your commercial and residential projects.

Custom Designs

Designed to Your Specifications

Digital Glass is cut to your specifications, above all, we make sure that the required cutouts for electrical outlets and unique architectural elements are accurate before your glass is printed. The glass is then tempered and shipped to your location.


We work closely with our customers to determine their design needs in order to bring their ideas to life. Therefore, all in-house sizing, printing, and finishing processes are handled at our supplier’s specialized manufacturing facilities based in Texas.

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Fully Customized

Looking to print logos or other visual design features on glass? We offer a process that outputs full color, high gloss images on glass surfaces using ceramic inks. High-resolution images up to 720 dpi are possible. Most importantly the images are going to look fantastic.


Make a statement for your client or yourself by incorporating fine art into architectural design. Imagine an evenly lit back lighted backsplash that shines through the printed image. In most cases there would be no seams, as we can print on sizes up to 12 feet long and 7 feet wide. Our product is great for commercial and residential applications, now is the time, incorporate printed glass into your project. Click here for more details on Commercial ApplicationsResidential Applications Printed glass can be used in the following applications:

  • Accent Pieces
  • Art Installations
  • Backsplashes
  • Counter Tops
  • Elevator Cabs
  • Marker Boards
  • Room Dividers & Wall Partitions
  • Signage
  • Stair Railings


Backsplashes can be created in ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, and ¾” glass with sizes varying depending on thickness and with our ability to print glass panels up to 84” tall and 144” wide, we can create a backsplash that is practically seamless.


Printing on glass with UV pinning and curable inks have been around for a while now. In this method of printing, ultraviolet waves are applied on the inks, drying them to the glass. This method was the first to enable printing on glass of any digital image.  Since UV curable inks are not fused with the glass, the printed outcome lacked a level of durability for external applications and architectural glass.

However, in 2007 the printed glass world was turned upside down. Digital printing with ceramic inks was created, opening the opportunities to print on glass for architectural and outdoor projects. The inks used in digital printing on glass mimic the CMYK color model. In reality, there are so many more options available than ever before with the invention of digital printing on glass. Read more. 

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