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Fine art means different things to different people. When you think about fine art are you thinking about all of the artists from the past where their art sells in the millions? Or you might be thinking about paintings or sculptures on display in museums. Yes, of course those are considered fine art. There is another medium that is not often thought of as fine art. Many don’t think that photography is fine art, well in many cases it might not be. However there are a lot of photographers that consider themselves as fine art photographers and I am one of them.

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There are many photographers out there who take beautiful images. Now more than ever with the invention of smart phones with cameras there are so many images created each and every day, and some of them are really good. Over 20 years ago I found my true passion and it is now a full time business. Many say that my images look like paintings, in fact my logo has paint brushes as part of it because many have told me that my photos looking like paintings. I assure you, I do not know how to paint nor have I ever painted a thing in my life.

Where Do You Find Fine Art Photography?

Many look to find fine art photography in museums, art galleries, hanging in fancy corporate offices or very nice homes. Did you know that in addition to these locations, you can actually find fine art photography in a variety of other places? In fact fine art photography is much more accessible than you might have imagined. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to acquire fine art photography.

Fine art photography is also starting to show up in many different mediums. Typically you think of a framed image hanging on the wall whether it be printed on paper or canvas. Now you see other options such as images printed on metal, wood, glass and just about any other material you can think of. A fairly new trend is to print on glass and there are companies that are advertising on TV this option.

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Technology is aiding in the blending of fine art photography and architecture design. You can now have fine art photography as part of your backsplash in your kitchen, a room partition in the corporate office building or anywhere else glass is installed. We can now print on glass panels up to 12 feet long.

Digital Printed Glass Picture of a longhorn over a stove as a backsplash highlight

What is Your Style?

Fine art photography is not only displayed in a variety of mediums as described above, you have a choice as to style and image type. An established photographer typically has a style. Sometimes it is hard for us photographers, if we are asked what is your style, how to answer that question. However, if you look at a variety of photographer’s portfolios you more than likely can eventually tell which photographer took which image, if multiple images were laying side by side. Style could be determined by the way the photographer shoots the image or the way the images are edited or a combination of the two.

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In addition to figuring out the style you like, you will have the option of picking images from different themes. Do you want a cityscape, landscape, abstract, action photo or something in between? It might depend on where you plan on hanging or installing the image. If the image is going in a corporate office building, you might lean towards an abstract or a cityscape. Or in a hospital you might prefer nature. As you can see the area where the image is going to be placed has important role in image selection.

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