History of Printing on Glass

Digital printing and printed glass is a relatively new product. There are many people that have tons of technical questions and there are some that don’t even know what questions to ask. Then others just love the look of the finished product and don’t care about the technical specifications. Below are some technical details and history of printing on glass.

History of Printing on Glass – The Beginning

Glass is nonabsorbent and transparent, therefore the traditional printing technology that is used on paper and fabrics could not be used to print on glass. Until recently, the only two methods to print on glass was silk screening and digital UV printing.

Printing on glass with UV pinning and curable inks have been around for a while now. This method of printing, ultraviolet waves are applied on the inks and drying them to the glass. This method was the first to enable the digital printing on glass of any digital image including multi-color and complex images. Since UV curable inks are not fused with the glass, the printed outcome lacks a level of durability necessary for certain projects, namely external applications for automotive glass and architectural glass.

In 2007 the printed glass world was turned upside down. Digital printing with ceramic inks was created therefore opening the opportunities to print on glass for architectural and outdoor projects. The inks used in digital printing on glass mimic the CMYK color model.

The Glass Digital Printer: The Dip-Tech AR-4000

We provide a high-quality durable solution for the direct printing of graphics and photographs on glass. The graphics and photographs are applied directly to the glass surface with 720 dpi full color Dip-Tech AR-4000 high-resolution printer

Depending on your application, we can print on the back side or the front side of the glass and we use low-iron glass for the truest color effect.

Digital ceramic ink is resistant to scratching, weather and UV light, and it is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. These inks also provide a wide range of color options, which can be digitally or manually mixed.

These latest innovations in glass printing technology open a new frontier, which can combine your creativity with extreme functionality. You can easily create any pattern or design or use a digitally created photograph or art piece. You have access to unlimited colors and the high resolution printing process allows for fine details to be digitally printed.

Durability and accuracy ceramic inks are fused into the glass which provides unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather. The printing process uses precise micro-drop printing which allows for accurate photo realistic and graphic designs. You have the ability to combine transparent, translucent and opaque details in any way and you have full freedom in colors and shades.


The Dip-Tech AR-4000 printer can accommodate panel sizes of up to 96″ x 144″. For larger projects, we will help design the glass in panels so the panels can be combined for a large format installation.

Printed glass can be created in ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, and ¾” thicknesses.

The AR-4000 prints at 720 dpi for extremely accurate and highly durable digital ceramic in-glass printing. It can produce multi-color, photo realistic images including everything from landscapes, abstract art and, logos or directional signage.


Digital printing on glass has opened up a wide variety of new applications and design opportunities that had not existed until recently. We can create custom glass walls and dividers, elevator panels, railings and stairs, floors, signage, wayfinding systems, conference tables, markerboards, backsplashes and more.

Additionally, we can produce non-slip glass products by applying ceramic inks to create anti-slip friction control properties to our glass floor and glass stair products. These applications comply with industry anti-slip coating standards.

Fully Customized

The options are limitless and only bound by your imagination. Do you want an abstract image, cityscape or maybe one of a longhorn? Multiple photos and designs to choose from or you can use a favorite image of your own.  We can make just about any shape and we can cut the glass to specifications so if you need to work around

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