Personal Branding Shoot

Erick Basurto with EB Visuals and Greg Daily with Greg Daily Photography have teamed up to help you with your personal branding. Do you own a company? Offer a product or service? If yes, you most likely need to think about your brand. Do you have an updated video of you promoting your company, products or services? How about your photos; are they updated and photos that you would like to use on your company marketing and social media sites? We are offering a special package to help you out with your branding.

Most online consumers are looking for something more than just written content – breaking up an expanse of words on a page with an images and video can make your website more engaging or can stop consumers from scrolling past your content on social media. Visual digital marketing tools such as video production and images create more engagement with consumers.

While images are more likely to get clicks, videos are more likely to be noticed and engaged with, increasing leads and conversions thanks to their unique ability to capture and hold your audience’s attention. Why not invest in both digital images and video.

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Photography Shoot

  • Up to 10 Low-Resolution and High-Resolution Images
  • Up to two hours of shooting
  • Professional Editing
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Video Shoot

  • 30-45 Second Edited Video
  • Filming (Typically 30 to 45 minutes)
  • One video revision
  • Text overlay and basic animation

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