Digitally Printed Glass

Residential Applications

There are so many residential applications and options for glass in your home. Digitally printed glass can be installed as a glass backsplash in a kitchen, bar or bathroom. Have you thought about your shower door? How about an accent piece or a niche in your shower.  What about glass railings or room dividers. We can print any image, pattern or design and cut the glass to any shape so the options are endless. Let your creativity take over and think about all of the possibilities and options for digitally printed glass in your home.

Digitally Printed Glass for Accent Pieces

You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen or bathroom to change make a difference in your home. Why not install a digitally printed piece of glass as an accent piece above your stove or range. There are unlimited design and size choices. Everything is custom so you can choose from one of the many stock images or provide your own image. The coolest thing is that you can install this in a way that you can change it out easily. So if you want to take it with you to your next home or you just get tired of the image and want something new you have that option. 

Digital Printed Glass Picture of a longhorn over a stove as a backsplash highlight

Digitally Printed Glass Backsplash

With open floor plans in many houses, kitchens are no longer separate rooms but part of the overall living space. The kitchen has become the main focal point and trends in kitchens are constantly monitored by designers, remodelers and of course homeowners. Space in the kitchens are now used for multitasking such as entertaining, cooking and eating, doing homework, playing games and watching TV.

Residential applications also include smart technology is also very popular in kitchens. Now there are cameras built into ovens, to not only identify the type of food, but to also set cooking times and temperatures. Refrigerators have screens that can tell you call kinds of things about the food that is in your refrigerator. One of the newest technology options is the ability to change out your back splash seasonally or take it with you when you sell your house.

Digital Glass 13

OK you might be asking yourself, did I read that correctly? Yes, a new concept is to print art / photography on backsplashes and install it in a way that you can change it out easily. Art and functionality have merged in the kitchen not only do you have a functional backsplash, your glass backsplash can be backlit and seamless. The images are printed directly on the glass with sizes over 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. You can also easily clean your glass backsplash with your everyday glass cleaner.

You can also pick just about any image and have it printed directly on the glass backsplash. If you backlight your glass backsplash and you are into smart technology you can control the backlights and dim them manually or put them on a schedule to dim and brighten them throughout the day. It is amazing how dimming / brightening the light can change the mood of the entire room.

Digital Glass Abstract image in nice open kitchen for residential applications

We all know that design trends are constantly changing and you might just want to change things up. Why not change out your backsplash with a different image. Just as seasons change so can your backsplash.

When talking about changing out your backsplash, I am not necessarily taking about your entire backsplash but rather the backsplash on an accent wall or the accent piece over the stove. Of course if you have money to spare, you can always change out the entire backsplash for each season relatively easy without the need to hire a remodeler. In fact you can typically change it out in less than an hour.

Feature Walls

Why not get creative with your walls, the design possibilities are endless with digital glass printing technology. Set the mood in your living room with stunning custom-designed decorative glass wall coverings and as your mood changes so can your image. You can light up your image and even have it set on a timer to have the light come on and off and change the brightness as well.

Walls are a basic part of any building, but basic doesn’t need to mean boring. Whether it’s an interior room divider, bedroom partition, interior divider wall, or interior window divider you can blend art and functionality and create that perfect space that you never thought possible.

Glass Tabletops

We have the ability to digitally print on glass that is ¼ up ¾ inch think and in any shape. Glass is an ideal product to be used as tabletops. Do you need something unique for your game room? How about your home office? Your options are limitless for designing your tabletop from the image to the shape. Also you can chose from clear, tinted or frosted effects.

Natural light will make your digitally printed glass table top shine and as the day turns to night, your tabletop will continue to make a statement by reflecting the rooms lighting.

Shower Doors

Not all showers have doors, but those that do why not look into designing and incorporating digitally printed glass into your project. Bathrooms are typically accented with rugs, towels and soap dishes and maybe a vase or two. Often times there is not much opportunity to add art and make a statement with the bathroom design. Well now you can. You can incorporate a digitally printed glass piece as part of your shower or shower door. Choose from an abstract image, a pattern or a photorealistic image.


Imagine taking a shower and looking out your window at a beautiful sunset on the beach or a waterfall in the mountains. Well, most of us don’t have that luxury unless we are on vacation until now.  Whether you are getting ready in the morning or getting ready for a night out we can recreate that image in your imagination with a digitally printed glass installed in a niche in your shower. Oh and it would be really cool if you were to back light the image so you can have a night light in your bathroom. Yes, you can put it on a dimmer and dim it down when needed.

Digital Glass 17 1

The residential applications and options are limitless and only bound by your imagination. Do you want an abstract image, cityscape or maybe one of a longhorn? Multiple photos and designs to choose from or you can use a favorite image of your own.

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