Residential Photography

All Residential Photography Shoots Include a 2D Virtual Tour

All Residential Photography Shoots are High Dynamic Range (HDR) 

HDR allows for the photo to be balance and not have dark rooms or blown out windows. We our service you can see what is outside as well as see the room details. All of our shots are HDR and we do not charge extra for this service, even for the smaller footprint homes.

Provide as Many Photos as Needed for Your Residential Photo Shoot

Many competitors advertise a low price for their residential photography shoots and then charge extra for more than 20 or 25 photos.  The number of photos we take or provide to you is not limited. We find this valuable as you really don’t know what to expect until you get to a home. If there are additional photos that are needed or requested we will gladly provide those to you. We might have taken more photos than what we send to you. The MLS only allows up to 40 photos, so unless the home is large or has a ton of unique qualities, we try and keep the images we send to you to around 40 on the high end.

SUPRA Lockbox Access

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We have lockbox access so it makes it much easier to schedule your photo shoot as you or the home owner is not required to be present for the shoot.

Arrive On Time and Not Early

When you schedule your residential photography shoot, we understand that there are many moving parts that you and your client is deal with. Things such as cleaning the house, mowing the yard dealing with the schedule of children and not to mention the pets. Sometimes arriving early is worse than arriving late. We strive to arrive on time and never to be early unless it is approved by the client ahead of time.

Knowledge of Real Estate Industry

Was a full-time real estate agent for 6 years practicing in Virginia. I continue to have an active license however currently not practicing. What this means to you is that I understand real estate and have a very good background to know what the clients and the agents like in their photos.

Next Business Day Turn Around

Most of the time, photos are the last thing that the agent is waiting on before making a listing go live. We understand how critical it is for a quick turn around so we strive to have your photos back within 24 hours if not sooner. If you do require a quicker turn around time you have the option to pay a rush fee and get your photos quicker.

ABOR VerifiedWEB ABoR Photography Partner

Rest assured that the photos that we provide can be used across the Internet and uploaded to a variety of marketing sites such as We have provided a signed document to ABOR which gives you the right to market the house with our pictures anyway you need to.

Full Service Provider 

We provide most all of the services you need from a photography standpoint. We are your one stop shop and we offer the following services:

  • HDR Photography
  • 2D – Virtual Tours
  • 3D – Virtual Tours / Matterport
  • Aerial / Drone Photography and Video


Many homes have an HOA or services that the homes owners pay for such as swimming pools, playgrounds, trails, etc.. Upon request we will take pictures of the amenities at no extra cost. Many of our competitors charge for this service.

Multiple Sized Images for Your Residential Photo Shoot

Often time just one size image is all you need. Most agents just require images to be sized right for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In addition to sizing the images for the MLS if requested we can provide larger sized images that you can use in your marketing or print media.

Ease of Payment

We accept most all credit cards to include Visa, Mastercard and American Express and provide the ability to pay online, over the phone or in person. We also accept checks as well.  american express logoMastercard logovisa logo BAA742E667

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