Photos Printed on Glass for Kitchen & Bath Backsplashes

Incorporate photography into your projects by printing directly on glass. Add a glass backsplash to your kitchen or glass shower backsplash to your bathroom. Multiple photos and  designs to choose from including abstract photography, cityscapes, landscapes, nature and more. Use your imagination to add creativity in your next project.

Back printed glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials in decorative and architectural industries. 

Photography can be printed on glass for residential and commercial use. Some ideas to consider; escalator walls, stairs, refrigerator doors, furniture, cabinet doors, shower screens, table tops, wardrobe doors, mirrors,  commercial interiors and more. 

  • Glass will be directly printed on without using vinyl or stickers

  • The glass will be cut to your specific dimensions with polished edges and all of the necessary cutouts (outlets, light switch holes, and faucet holes),

  • The glass will be tempered 

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