You Need Video!

I am sure you have already heard that you need video if you are using social media for branding and promotion. If you are like most, you don’t know where to begin. You may be thinking that video is to expensive, or takes to much time to create. Well, you could be right. You could hire a full production crew with all of the lights and cameras and create a spectacular video and yes, I can help you with that if that is what you require. There are other options if you don’t need or want a fully produced walk through video.

Social Media Videos & Branding

Most listings do not need a full production video and associated expense. If you need video for social media, we are creating animated videos of your listings that you can post to social media sights such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These videos are short introductions to your listings and they also help you promote yourself for other opportunities.  These videos are short and easy to share.

Walk Through Videos

If you decide that you need a walk through video for your listing we have you covered. We can provide you with a fully produced walk through video of your listing.

I have partnered with Ron Yakerson, a 3x Emmy nominated 2015/ 2016/ 2019 for the best single spot commercial. He is also the winner of 2015 Max awards for best television advertising. Ron also produces the On Air Realty show that showcases on KBVO on the weekends.

What's Included

You can give buyers an inside look and highlight key features with this affordable option. The video walk through includes up to a 90 second video of the agent speaking about the property and or the community as well as drone video footage if applicable. You can choose to be in the video if you like. We also include text for the contact info for the property and agent. These videos are great to show on listings presentations which I am sure will impress your potential clients. They are also great for branding yourself as the go to agent.

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